Smart Bed


Making the bed after getting up is a daily chore. Although it might seem a minor one, it has the character of a ritual that must be carried out, so much so that many people are simply unable to leave the home without having made their bed and this often gives rise to conflicts and arguments between parents and children. It’s a proven fact that for many people making their bed after getting up can be a tiresome, even painful task; sometimes out of sheer habit, other times because one is in a hurry and lacks time.

Thankfully there are many great options for helping people enjoy a wholesome rest and eliminate sleeping problems. The smart bed technologies can help you customize support to effectively switch between positions, changing firmness in real time as the smart bed records data on how you are sleeping. And even when not sleeping but just taking a break with your smartphone or tablet – whether it’s reading, playing online games, or just watching videos, today’s advanced technologies give you endless opportunities at the palm of your hand to enjoy your hobby. From a vast library, to an endless selection of videos and movies, to all online casino bonus codes in one place that will help you make the most of online entertainment, it’s easier than ever before. And now they give you extra comfort and convenience to maximize the benefits of sleep and rest.

Four more reasons why Ohea:

  • You can forget about making your bed every day
  • No more low back pain or backaches
  • Your bedroom will always be presentable without any effort
  • You’ll never again argue with your mate or children

There are also many instances in which because of advanced age, some genetic defect, some type of physical disability or because of an accidents, the individual is simply unable to make the bed or where to do so the person would have to make an extraordinary effort which itself could end up being detrimental to the person’s health. We invite you to watch the OHEA video demo. You will be convinced.


There is always much talk about the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep and how sleeping for the appropriate amount of time is the foundation of good health. That is why it’s important for us to be aware that our body needs to rest in order to face its daily round of activity; rest is essential for us to be able to continue living healthy and helps us be more productive throughout the day, since proper rest is fundamental in order to recharge one’s energy level after an entire day’s activity. While we sleep, our bodies release growth hormones and this is when the organism is brought into balance and rids itself of stress. If you suffer from insomnia or simply have difficulties sleeping, keep in mind these basic rules:

  • Light suppers rich in carbohydrates help us rest, since they stimulate the production of serotonin.
  • Abstaining from physical exercise up to three hours prior to going to bed is important because the adrenaline we release during exercise can keep us from falling asleep.
  • Also it advisable to bathe your feet and legs, soaking them alternatively in hot and cold wáter. You only need one large container with cold water and another with hot. You begin by putting your legs in cold water, up to your knees, for three minutes. Then move them to the hot water and keep them there another minute. Repeat the operation several times. This bathing technique is also very suitable for combatting hypertension, poor circulation and arteriosclerosis. Nevertheless, it is not recommended in the case of those suffering from varicose veins or phlebitis, or when menstruating.
  • Among the numerous revelations about to how to sleep better brought forward at Sleep 2008 (the XXII Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies) we offer this one, presented by researchers from Stanford, because of its particular relevance: sleeping a few hours longer during a prolonged period of time improves the performance of athletes and concretely, their capacity to sprint, as well as their reaction time.
  • The psychologist William Anthony of the University of Boston (US) states that a short nap increases one’s productivity, sharpen one’s senses and raises one’s spirit. Nonetheless, a recent study, carried out by the University of Chicago and published by The Lancet, concludes that this is not recommended in the case of people suffering from insomnia or depression