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What you need to know

  • 1- Are the duvet, the duvet inserts, the bedding, the bottom sheet, and pillowcases which are sold in normal retail stores compatible with this bed?

    The answer is NO. The duvet has special lateral cords that allow it to be pulled across the bed and is narrower than a standard comforter. For this reason there are also different sizes of duvet inserts available for the comforter. The pillowcases are attached to cords that allow them to be pulled up and put in place. The bottom sheet and bedding have Velcro on their sides to keep the bottom sheet stretched out

    • 2- What will I use when I have to wash the comforter, the pillowcases, and the bottom sheet?

      The bed is sent with two complete sets of bedclothes: two comforters, two bottom sheets, and four small pillowcases which allows the bedding to be exchanged.

      • 3- Do I have to make the bed when I change the bottom sheet, comforter, and pillowcases?

        NO, the Velcro on the bottom sheet adheres to the Velcro on the mattress. The plastic on each side of the comforter must be introduced into the appropriate slots and the cords on the pillowcases go into their corresponding slots. Once this is done, the bed makes itself.

        • 4- Will I be cold in the winter with only the comforter?

          NO. During the winter the duvet inserts, made of fiber or microfiber, feathers or down, or anti-mite encasings that preserve body heat, are inserted into the comforter. Said duvet inserts are available in different densities: 100, 200, 250, 300, and 400 g/m2 so that an ideal duvet insert is available to meet the specific needs of each user.

          • 5- Is there a problem if I want to use one large pillow instead of two small ones?

            NO, the large pillowcase has four strings and the end of each of these strings goes into the corresponding opening which allows the device to work in the same way.

            • 6- What happens if the bed-making mechanism is damaged?

              You would simply have to make the bed manually until a technician resolves the issue.

              • 7- Will using OHEA make my electrical bill go up?

                NO, there will be no significant change in your bill, since the bed only operates for fifty seconds each day (the time it takes to make the bed).

                • 8- Where can I find the duvet, pillowcases, bottom sheet, mattress cover, and duvet inserts?

                  They will be available soon over the Internet.