Smart Bed2

The bed is equipped with a device that enables it to automatically straighten the bedding, what is called “to make the bed”, once the occupant has gotten up and left the bed unmade. The main pieces that are straightened and put in order are the following: the bottom sheet, top cover (duvet), and the pillowcases. The duvet, the pillowcase, and the pillow itself are straightened mechanically while the bottom sheet is kept straight since it is attached with Velcro to the mattress cover.

2 ways to activate the mechanism:

  • 1- Setting the switch on the bed-frame to MANUAL. In this case, pressing the “go” button on the remote control causes the bed mechanism to begin to stretch the bedding out and put the bed clothes in order.
  • 2- Setting the switch on the bed frame to AUTOMATIC. In this case, three seconds after the person gets up, the mechanism is activated and automatically begins to make the bed, straightening the bed clothes and putting them in order.


When the bed-making mechanism activates, a lid on each side of the bed opens and a mechanical arm with two rollers emerges on each side atf the foot of the bed. After positioning the lateral cord that holds the duvet between the two rollers, the arm pulls the duvet up to the head of the bed. Once the cord is fully extended, the arm descends and the lid closes. At the same time, the pillows are straightened by cords attached to the pillowcases after which the panels rotate elevating the pillows; and once the upper coverlet has been stretched to the head of the bed, the pillows fall back onto it.


If the mechanism is activated when the person is still in bed, the device will not function and if pressure is applied to the bed while it is being made (with the mechanism functioning) the device stops immediately until the remote control is again activated (if the switch is set to the manual mode).